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Health Education Program:
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The 4Real Health’s Program- Staying Mature and Responsible Toward Sex (SMARTS), is not available for every teen, BUT you may be eligible to participate in this program at NO CHARGE if you:

  • Live in Orleans Parish
  • Are a girl, 14-19 years old, and
  • Are visiting a doctor at
    • LSU Tiger Care (1616 Canal Street)
    • A Woman's Place (5640 Read Blvd.)

These 30-50 minute, one-on-one private discussions with a trained health professional are held at the clinic you visit and may:

  • Discuss the basics of female sexual health, and ways to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections
  • Give you the tools you need to make safer choices regarding sex, including learning the correct way to use a condom, and providing them free to you
  • Teach you how to be assertive, including how to say no to unwanted sexual activity, and problem solving in different situations

4Real Health gives you the information you need to make smart decisions that help you have the future you want.

When you participate all of your information, records, documents and discussions are confidential and not shared with outside institutions or individuals without written permission, in accordance with the Privacy Rule from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).